Signing Up

Students who volunteer for the Partners Week Committee will get the first chance to sign up, about a day before everyone else!

Each student can sign up to meet with one or more professionals each term. Each professional will take one student for one day (usually 2-3 hours) during Partners Week.

The sign-up sheets are divided into 3 binders, for Special, Academic, and Public libraries. These binders will have a page of information on every professional who has volunteered to host a student this year.

You can sign up for a visit in either October or January when the sign-up sheets are made available.  Sign up will take place in October.

When it’s time to sign up, you will find the page of information about the professional you want to visit. If no one else has signed up for them, write your name and email on the week you want (October or January) at the bottom of the page. Out of courtesy to your fellow students, please give everyone an opportunity to participate. Please sign up for only one visit.

Note the dates and times that your professional is available!

Once you sign up, contact the professional immediately (by phone or email) to arrange a specific time to meet. For January placements, please contact your partner in early January.

Getting Involved with the Partners Week Committee

Work on the Partners’ Week Committee involves tasks such as making speeches in class,  helping with the sign-up event, and writing thank you cards.

If you volunteer for the Partners Week Committee, you get a great perk: you get to choose which professional you want to visit before any other students get a crack at the sign-up binders!

We also need two first-year students to chair the committee next year. Send an email to and let us know why you want to co-chair this committee.

Past Student Experiences

Here are some comments that students have made about their past experiences with Partners’ Week:

Not only did the librarians share their jobs with me, they also shared their career stories with me. I was deeply appreciative of their time; I learned a lot and came away feeling inspired.”

Partners Week is a wonderful opportunity to explore library settings that you would not necessarily be exposed to.”

I learned about alternative careers in librarianship and how much is out there.”

I enjoyed Partners’ Week because it gave me a chance to talk to “real” librarians and hear from the horse’s mouth what it actually is like. My partner was so chatty and friendly and she arranged for me to meet many of her colleagues so that I could hear about their experiences and ask many questions. Their enthusiasm made me really excited about librarianship! All in all I thought it was a great opportunity and look forward to this year’s Partners’ Week!”

It was good to hear about how the librarian defined her role as a researcher and and became indispensable in the context of a private organization whose focus was not on providing library services.”

As a part-time student, I’ve been able to participate in Partners’ Week several times. Each experience has been unique, informative and valuable. Of course, I’ll be signing up this year too!”

The Partners’ Week experience was beneficial to me because I was able to get an inside look at what managing a public library was really like. I had a general idea of the type of tasks that would be involved before my visit with my partner, but afterwards I had a real sense of the type of responsibilities that one would have on a more day to day basis, some of which was a lot different than what I had expected!”

I really enjoyed it when my Partner bought me lunch… on the company credit card.”

I liked the Partner’s Week because it gave me a chance to learn about aspects of library work that I hadn’t had any experience with yet (research, etc.). It was also interesting to here about the path that led my partner to librarianship (and to her specific job). But, the most valuable aspect of the afternoon was her advice and encouragement – she showed a genuine interest in my perspective and ideas, and then gave me lots of great ideas and support.”

I really enjoyed Partner’s Week because I got to hang out with an important lady at the U of A Libraries for an hour or so. We had a good chat, and talked about different job prospects.”

I really enjoyed Partners’ Week. It gives a sense of what a librarian is actually doing in a particular job and provides a great opportunity to ask lots of questions. It was fun.”

I learned a lot about how my partnered librarian needs to supervise other workers and manage her own time and projects.”

I found Partners’ Week a great opportunity to experience library settings that I was curious about.

We are grateful to all of the LIS professionals who have volunteered!



If you have questions regarding Partners’ Week, please contact Cori Sanderson or Theresa Rawe at for more information.

July 2018